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Q.  Are consultations available at no charge?

A.  Yes, consultations and quotations are free.

Q. About how long do projects take to be completed?

A. In most cases, the construction of a dock can be completed in about one week’s time, not including electrical.  Lead times for permitting by local, state, and federal agencies can take from 3 weeks, to several months – largely dependent on the time of year.

Q. Will I have to be involved in the permitting process?

A. No, Anchorage works with you at the commencement of the project to get all required preliminary paperwork signed off on.  Remember that we do not control the permitting agencies and are to some degree dependent on their ability to process your paperwork in a timely manner.  We make every effort to factor the fees that will be required into your contract pricing.

Q. I don’t need to start from scratch.  Can Anchorage Marine help with my re-decking or addition?

A. Yes, Anchorage Marine is interested in your small and medium size projects as well, and will make every effort to work these into a reasonable lead time.

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. We require a  25% deposit at contract execution.  The next payment is due when materials are delivered (35%), and the final payment is due when the job is completed (excluding final electrical).  We are a 100% satisfaction driven company.

Q. What types of decking do you work with?

A. We offer traditional treated lumber, exotic hardwoods, and a choice of several industry leading man made decking products.

Q. Can I work with you to design any kind of dock I want?

A. Yes, Anchorage Marine works with you, the  customer, to design precisely what your dreams envision within permitting and budgetary guidelines.

Q. I don’t have my boat yet.  Can I still get my lift purchased and setup ahead of that purchase?

A. Yes, we install lifts of a capacity and design based on your intended purchase and use.  This includes everything from yachts, to center consoles and runabouts,, to pontoons, and  jetskis.