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Vanguard Vinyl Seawall – Z Panel

Why vinyl you ask? Years have gone by as contractors and developers have searched for the strongest, most durable, and ecologically friendly seawall in game. The results are in! Co-extruded, rigid PVC ends up on top. Vanguard’s substrate is 100% recycled, high-quality vinyl window compound. Its exterior cap consists of UV-resistant, weatherable material compounds. This allows for extended durability and high UV bleaching tolerance. Also, the combination of both recycled and newly produced vinyl allot for an extremely strong material, unlike any other, but produced at a lesser price. Guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and damage from corrosion, rot, splitting, or breakability caused by the underlying factors of UV damage – a Vanguard Vinyl Seawall is a great choice when choosing your seawall. You can find examples in our photo gallery or at https://www.vanguardseawall.com/profile/vanguard-standard/

Tidewall – Box Panel

Similar to Vanguard, Tidewall’s structural performance of a seawall is directly tied to the quality and dimensions of each extruded sheet. Tidewall uses only 100% window grade UV stabilized PVC compound throughout the seawall. The difference between Vanguard and Tidewall, lies mainly in vinyl thickness. Tidewall seawalls are deliberately designed to be slightly thicker and slightly deeper than competitive alternatives. This gives added performance and structural strength to a Tidewall seawall. You can find examples at http://tidewall.com/default.htm